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Core Values

  • Philosophy
  • Knowledge
  • Innovation
  • Love
Micomme Medical
Focus on innovation of respiratory diagnosis & treatment equipment and chronic respiratory disease management services.
Committed to becoming the leading company of non-invasive respiratory diagnosis & treatment equipment in China.
Company profile
Founded in 2013, Micomme is headquartered in Changsha High-tech Zone. Its subsidiary, Shenzhen Micomme Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd., is located in the Nanshan District of Shenzhen. The company focuses on equipment innovation and chronic respiratory disease management services in the field of respiratory diagnosis and treatment, and is committed to becoming a leading company in the field of non-invasive ventilation equipment in China.
  • 2013

    Micomme officially established

  • 2013

    Hospital non-invasive ventilators

  • 2014

    Home-care non-invasive ventilators

  • 2015

    Organizational structure established ; Yanghe Biomedical Investment

  • 2016

    Obtained EU CE certification and officially entered the international market

  • 2017

    High Flow Nasal Cannula oxygen device

  • 2018

    i serie home-care non- invasive ventilator ; Ozone disinfector ; Introduction of external investment

  • 2019

    Shenzhen R&D Center set up National Key R&D Programme begins

  • 2020

    High-performance non-invasive ventilators ; Science park construction ; Starts Hits back at COVID-19

  • 31

    Province coverage in China

  • 3597

    Hospital coverage in China

  • 10000+

    Medical equipments coverage in China

  • 23851

    Home-care products coverage in China

  • 62

    Global coverage

Future Plan
  • Innovation Planning

    Build a National Enterprise Technical Center.

    Driven by technology innovation, seize the commanding heights of industrial development

  • Business Growth

    Build a science and technology industrial park of high-end respiratory diagnosis

    treatment equipment, listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, with the help of the capital market to achieve high-quality development.

  • Status of the Industry

    Chinese leading company in the field of non-invasive respiratory diagnosis & treatment equipment

    Lead and drive technological innovation and progress in the industry.

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